World Without EndEveryone, who is interested in the historical life of the 14th century and read Ken Follet’s book “The pillars of the earth” will enjoy Ken Follet’s latest book.

It tells the story of one generation during the mid of the 14th centuries following some characters from their childhood until the evening of their lives.

Merthin and Ralph – brothers, who cannot be more different. The one (Merthin) a great builder, who ran village of Kingsbridge as an alderman. Ralph – a ruthless soldier making his career through the ranks becoming an Earl despite of murder and raping.

Caris – a girl from a rich family with her own free mind, which brought her more than once in trouble during her life. In love with Merthin, but urged to live as a nun in a cloister, where she began her second career as a healer.

Gwenda – grown up as the opposite of Caris (nevertheless her friend) in a pour laborer family, sold by her own father, learned early enough to fight for herself and lived her hard life at the fields with her husband Wulfric

These four people were bound together since the age of 10, when the witnessed a assassin in the forests.

Beside telling the different stories of the four characters in great lively pictures, Ken Follet created a great plot, from which we can still learn in today’s business life. Only the tools and weapons have developed – interestingly enough the behaviors and politics are all the same today.

I guess that’s where we can (should) learn from history…