imageThe book tries to find out the keys of Bill Gates enormous success during the last 30 years. Des points out eleven secrets of his success:

  • Be in the right place at the right time
  • Fall in love with the technology
  • Take no prisoners
  • Hire very smart people
  • Learn to survive
  • Don’t expect any thanks
  • Assume the visionary position
  • Cover all the bases
  • Build a byte-sized business
  • Never, ever, take your eye off the ball
  • Know when it’s time to move on

He elaborates every topic in a separate article and gives detailed explanation covered with anecdotes and quotes from Bill.

My essence of the book is — you have to work hard for success and then luck comes to you as well. Sometimes it is missed, that Bill worked more or less 24h a day, was seeing holiday as weakness and finally being on holiday read books, you probably wouldn’t like to read, if you study biology to make your living later on.

… and I like some quotes, which are still (or even) relevant today:

“[,,] every successful business requires three people: a dreamer, a business man and a son of a bitch [..]”

“We’ve always said that, given our long-term approach, this business will definitely go through cycles. There will be ups and downs.”

“We are always telling analysts: Don’t recommend our stock. We sell software, not stock. Lower your earnings estimate, be more conservative. It’s not a long-term approach to promote the stock in any way”

… guess we can still learn from this